Restaurant self-order platform

During 2018, we build this platform for SCON. This is a end to end system to manage restaurant menues and ordering.
It has several components including the point of sale system, the in-restaurant ordering system (both for tablets), an online back office to manage the menues and restaurants (because is multi-user, multi-restaurant) and an android / ios app for pre ordering outside the restaurant and then continue the experience within the same app at the restaurant’s table.
The point of sale system also includes ticket printing among several POS features that other products on the market have. We also developed a small NAT punch through system to be able to communicate with the restaurant’s tablets (that are behind a router) from the internet.
(The color palletes on the pictures are messed up since we do not own this IP)

  • Angular6
  • Ionic (Both Android & iOS)
  • Laravel
  • websockets

Back office

Table app

Point of sale app

Mobile app