We build software to improve your company's processes


We are a small development team, with more than 10 years of experience working on top software companies like Autodesk or Electronic Arts. Our experience goes from mobile applications and web systems to videogames, multimedia and desktop applications.

In addition, we’ve expertise on Computer Vision, Rendering & Optimization, Unity3D, desktop and Mobile Development.
We can handle end to end projects, jump in on a running project or work along with your favourite designers


Finding the proper people to be part of a team is not easy, so we can help your company growing your team. Resources in our bench or new hires are both available to get on board.

If there is no in-house match, we can look into our professional network, typically it takes 2 weeks to get the first candidates into the interviewing process.

We like to integrate with our clients, know what they do and how to become a partner, and make feel our team members as they’re working directly in client’s team.


We care about understanding your business and how to improve it through software solutions. We will provide advice and solutions not only on the system you want to build, but also on the process you’re trying to improve.


A finished and outstanding product it’s our goal. We believe in a fast delivery & feedback iteration process , based on realistic timelines and tight communication with stakeholders. Your success is our success.


We’re available to answer through chat, phone and skype, so any concern you have about the product will be answered by ourselves, no chat bots nor automatic emails, ASAP.

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Free Fast Quoting

Free Fast Quoting

We evaluate your requirements and provide a quote and time span required for your solution within a business week, splitting the project in multiple tasks and defining clear deadlines for every task.

Custom Development

Custom Development

We listen to your problem and provide an ideal solution, analyzing the best architecture and selecting the most suitable technology for every step of the development process.

Fluent Communication

Fluent Communication

We keep fluent communication providing our clients visibility for the projects over multiple communication channels, providing the current state of the ongoing tasks, the state of the development plan and listening for any doubt that you may have.

Fast Team Integration

Fast Team Integration

We have extensive experience understanding existing code base and extending, finishing and fixing existing projects in multiple technologies, we also have experience working with external teams of any size.

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