Ship Tracking App

Project Details

This project is a delivery helper application that package delivery agents would use (like Amazon or e-bay) to track their deliveries. The user flow is entering the delivery id to retrieve the trip data, then the app itself shows the delivery target information (like address, await time, etc) and allows the agent to ‘confirm’ or ‘cancel’ the delivery with different reasons or even attaching a picture from the camera (like a receipt).

Once the delivery is finished, the next delivery address is shown, that is repeated until the full trip is done. On the cloud, a back-end exposes several web services that the app calls in order to download the itinerary data and upload the updates on it.

In addition the app reports the agent position to the server and supports online maps via Gmaps, or offline maps via OSM (both are switched dinamically according the maps the user downloaded). This app is done in Java over Android SDK, using OSMBonusPack, ButterKnife, GMaps and Bootstrap for UI.