Project Details

Using OpenCV under C++ plus MFC, we developed an application to allow calibrating a set of images taken by a 360° photobooth. This is a device composed by an array of cameras that take a photography at exaclty the same time. Due to construct issues, the cameras never have the same focal point nor the same orientation.

This application allows the user to, once the device is installed, use the application to aid the software calibration of the device (the application loads the set of photos and automatically tries to calibrate them based on the feedback provided by the calibration element, a red and green tube).
Once the calibration is done, a set of parameters is saved for each camera so the image processing server can call an external process providing this parameters to warp the images (we also developed that application).

This is a set of images, combined in a .gif file to show the result, the first one is a non calibrated set, and the second one is a roughly calibrated set

  • OpenCV
  • C++